25 Days of using Golang

During the month of December, I used the daily Advent of Code puzzles to teach myself Go. »

2017 in Review

2017 was an interesting year. Personally and professionally, I found it to be a successful year of growth. »

Learning to Like Java

This summer, I worked primarily in Java on a backend service for Zillow’s advertising platform. This service was built on top of Spring Boot, an “opinionated” Java web framework. »

Internship 2017: Zillow

This summer, I had the opportunity to do a Software Engineering internship at Zillow. I grew quite a bit as a developer during my time at Zillow, and gained a lot of experiential knowledge in practically applying the technologies that I’ve learned in school and in my side projects. »

Building GitTrophy

I’ve been working on a site for the past month that generates 3D models from Github’s contribution graphs. After a month of work, it’s complete! So, I’m happy to announce GitTrophy. It’s pretty slick: type in a Github user or repo name, and you’ll get a 3D preview of the contribution model. I 3D printed my chart from 2016, and it turned out pretty well. »

GDQStatus SGDQ 2017: The React Rewrite, Architecture Updates, and Lessons Learned

This past week was SGDQ 2017, the latest GamesDoneQuick charity speed-run marathon. For the past year, I’ve been managing an unofficial stats page for these events called This is the third event that I’ve hosted this site, and a lot has changed in this iteration. »

How to Deploy a Secure Static Site to AWS with S3 and CloudFront

AWS is a great place to host static content: Bandwidth / hosting costs are very cheap if you’re at “hobbyist” scale, you get great availability, and AWS gives you free SSL termination / certificate management for HTTPS if you get everything setup correctly. »

My List of Useful Development Tools and Utilities

I recently started my Summer internship at Zillow. Starting at a new company with a new laptop prompted (forced) me to think about the way I have my development tools setup. »

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