🎧 Podcasts

I listen to a lot of Podcasts. It’s a great way to fill time that would otherwise be “dead” - commuting, walking, working out, doing household tasks, etc. I’ve been “into” podcasts since I got my first iPod (a refurbished 2nd Generation iPod Nano) in 2007. I listened to more podcasts on that iPod than music.

As far as my podcast player of choice, prefer Marco Arment’s excellent Overcast (it’s really that good, you should use it).

Here’s a list of what’s currently queued up in my podcast feed:


  • ⭐️ - On my shortlist of “great” podcasts
  • 🌕 - I listen to pretty much every episode.
  • 🌖 - I listen to most episodes
  • 🌗 - I listen ocasionally
  • 🌘 - I listen rarely

What I’m Currently Listening To

(Listed in rough order of listening priority)

Honorable Mentions & Past Favorites

(Updated June 2, 2019)