Features of Excellent Code Review Tools

Thoughts on the best features of code review tools I’ve used. »

Recently - September 2021

Github Copilot, more Datasette tools, and links from September »

Preventing Link Rot in my Obsidian Vault

Using wayback-archiver to prevent link rot in my Obsidian Vault »

Recently - August 2021

Recent books and links »

B-Trees: More Than I Thought I'd Want to Know

B-Trees are not boring, after all »

DIY Air Quality Sensor

Building a DIY Air Quality meter on the ESP8266 platform. »

Recently - July

Books and links for July 2021 »

2,000 Days Later

Reflections on 5 years of journaling »

Schedule Your Emails

Five reasons why I schedule most of the emails I send »

Recently - May

Information theory, Ballard, and replicated SQLite »

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