Week Notes - August 2

It's definitely summer! »

Sinc Split Mechanical Keyboard Build Log

Building an ergonomic split mechanical keyboard. »

Week Notes - July 26th

A swelling battery, Linux on Windows, farmer's markets in a pandemic. »

Week Notes - July 19th

Increasing COVID-19 cases, Sinc Split Keyboard, 2020-isms »

Week Notes - July 12th

Hamilton and Nerd Sniping »

Building a DIY Pen Plotter: midTbot

Build log for my midTbot Pen Plotter. »

Vim Tip: Open Hugo Page in Browser

How to enable vim to open a Hugo content page in your browser. »

Week Notes - July 5th

Miniflux, Email, and GPT-3 »

Week Notes - June 28th

WWDC, WebAssembly, and bpy_lambda. »

Vim Tip: Paste Markdown Link with Automatic Title Fetching

How to setup a shortcut which fetch's a link's title and formats it as a markdown link within vim. »

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