In Praise of Stacked PRs

Managing sets of small, dependent PRs enables faster review and increased developer velocity »

So long, and thanks for all the Gophers!

On switching jobs. »

Mental Model: Difficult Problems vs. Hard Work

How to model work that interacts with ambiguity »

You Need to be Wrong (Sometimes)

To be a well-calibrated predictor, you need to to be wrong (sometimes). »

Mental Model: Stages of Change

The Transtheoretical model »

NYC 2022 Observations

Observations/photos from a recent NYC trip »

Tools for Making Difficult Decisions

Quantitative and qualitative decision-making techniques »

Manifold Markets

Prediction markets, as far as the eye can see »

One Weird Trick

Or, “How to Beat Three Months of Engineering Effort By Telling Your System To Not Call time.Sleep”. »

Kindle Snippets Viewer

I wrote a little web app to view Kindle Highlights. »

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