Quarantine Notes - Week 4

Week 4 of isolation came and went. Things are continuing to settle into a routine, though this still feels far from “normal”. »

Quarantine Notes - Week 3

This was the third full week of coronavirus quarantine for me. The trillion-dollar question remains, of course, “how long is this all going to last?” »

March Updates

Refreshing my blog, baking bread, and coronavirus. »

Creating a Podcast Feed from a YouTube Playlist

How to create an automatically synced podcast feed from a Youtube Playlist using a Raspberry Pi and Podsync. »

Desktop of Theseus

Reflections on my desktop's 6 year journey »

Tips for Customizing Hugo RSS Feeds

A few tips I've used to make my Hugo blog's RSS feed more sensible. »

2019 in Review

2019 came and went! For me, it was a year that contained many transitions: graduating from university, moving back to Seattle, and starting my first full time job.


My Favorite Books of 2019

I didn't set out in 2019 to read 1-book-a-week, but well, here we are. 😄 »

Fast Rust Docker Builds with "cargo vendor"

How to speed up Rust Docker container build times by using cargo vendor to cache a project's dependencies. »

Setting up Cloud Scheduler to Trigger Cloud Run

By combining Cloud Run and Cloud Scheduler, you can effectively run any Docker container on a set schedule. »

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