Until this point, I don’t think I’ve really stated the intent / purpose of this blog. I’ll try not to philosophize too much on this point, but I think it would be interesting to record my intentions going into this writing project.

When I was in High School, I did a lot of writing. Between papers, annotated study guides, and various other projects I was probably writing a good ~1-3k words a week. And I like writing. I’m not particularly accomplished or adept in my composition skills, but I do have a fondness for it that I missed when I moved up to College.

Early this year, I started writing answers on Quora pretty frequently. One or two of my posts caught fire, and I amassed something crazy like 250k views in my first month of writing. All I could think was, ‘Wow!’ As an adolescent, I had a really strong desire to create and have my work be seen - which led to a bunch of posted Youtube videos that have since been made private. This rapid rise to what was, quite frankly, an unfathomable number of readers, was exciting. It was an absurdest feeling to get notifications on my phone that one of my posts had been placed in 1.2 million people’s feeds.

But then again, lightning never strikes the same place twice. Some of the posts that I really felt proud of didn’t really gain traction, and the whole exercise began to feel like writing a bunch of crappy listicles instead of ‘insightful’ prompted writing. To be fair to Quora, I’m not really an expert on any one field (yet), so I don’t really match with the ’expert-writing-answers-to-specific-questions’ archetype that a lot of the more interesting Quorans fall into.

So ultimately it wasn’t the best platform for me. Also, neat as it was to have so many people view what I wrote, I don’t really care that much about viewership. Really, this writing is for my own benefit, and it if happens to be someone else (which, to be clear, I hope it does), then all the more better.

This year I’ve also been tweeting a fair bit more, as many ‘hot-take’ types of topics don’t really warrant a full write-up. But occasionally, it’s nice to flesh-out an position or idea and it felt important to me to have a place to put those ideas.

Enter this blog. Unprompted, with no clear topic constraints, I’ll post here about whatever genuinely interests me. Most of that will be probably related to coding / tech, because that’s what interests me, but eh… I’ll still afford a mixed bag of topics every once-in-a-while.

And with that, welcome to my blog!