Avoid Load-bearing Shell Scripts
Soft Boredom
Mental Models: Slack
The Soul of an Old Machine
Scala Pitfall: Parameterless Function Calls and Misplaced vals
On Prompt Engineering
2022 in Review
My Favorite Books of 2022
On Personal Predictions
In Praise of Stacked PRs
So long, and thanks for all the Gophers!
Mental Model: Difficult Problems vs. Hard Work
You Need to be Wrong (Sometimes)
Mental Model: Stages of Change
NYC 2022 Observations
Tools for Making Difficult Decisions
Manifold Markets
One Weird Trick
Kindle Snippets Viewer
List of Lists of 2022 Predictions
2021 in Review
My Favorite Books of 2021
Branchless Git
Using Embedding to Disambiguate Types in Go
Recently - October 2021
Features of Excellent Code Review Tools
Recently - September 2021
Preventing Link Rot in my Obsidian Vault
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B-Trees: More Than I Thought I'd Want to Know
DIY Air Quality Sensor
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2,000 Days Later
Schedule Your Emails
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Building a Raft
Backing up my Google Takeout data
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Book Review: Gödel, Escher, Bach
Two Types of Infinity
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Three Layers of Information
A Hand-wavy Proof for the Infinitude of Prime Numbers
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A Tour of Go 1.16's io/fs package
My Organization Stack
2020 in Review
My Favorite Books of 2020
Thoughts on the Oculus Quest 2
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Recently - November 10
Goodbye IFTTT
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Recently - October 5
Five iOS 14 Shortcuts Tips
Escargotic Commotion
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Week Notes - August 23rd
Zavináč, an Onomatological Adventure
Week Notes - August 9
Week Notes - August 2
Sinc Split Mechanical Keyboard Build Log
Week Notes - July 26th
Week Notes - July 19th
Week Notes - July 12th
Building a DIY Pen Plotter: midTbot
Vim Tip: Open Hugo Page in Browser
Week Notes - July 5th
Week Notes - June 28th
Vim Tip: Paste Markdown Link with Automatic Title Fetching
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Vim Tip: Open Parent Folder in Finder
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Quarantine Notes - Week 13
Quarantine Notes - Week 12
Quarantine Notes - Week 11
Solving the "Miracle Sudoku" in Prolog
Quarantine Notes - Week 10
Quarantine Notes - Week 9
Quarantine Notes - Week 8
Quarantine Notes - Week 7
Cancelable Reads in Go
Quarantine Notes - Week 6
Quarantine Notes - Week 5
Quarantine Notes - Week 4
Quarantine Notes - Week 3
March Updates
Creating a Podcast Feed from a YouTube Playlist
Desktop of Theseus
Tips for Customizing Hugo RSS Feeds
2019 in Review
My Favorite Books of 2019
Fast Rust Docker Builds with "cargo vendor"
Setting up Cloud Scheduler to Trigger Cloud Run
The Value in Go's Simplicity
A Gentle Nudge
Summer 2019
Introducing Messy: An iOS Grid Puzzle Game
On Graduating or: What to Optimize For
Finding Flow in Haskell
Don't Look at the Keys
Generative Doodling
iOS Shortcuts for Data Capture
Getting Started with Golang Google Cloud Functions
2018 in Review
My Favorite Books of 2018
Toward Using the iPad Pro for Development
Brief Reactions to React Hooks
Live Refreshing Cargo Docs
Clippy's "cast_lossless" Lint Warning
Tweaks to Improve your Twitter Usage
Inertia and When to Break a Habit
Switching from Jekyll to Hugo
Introducing Corral: A Serverless MapReduce Framework
Counting Scanned Bytes in Go
Python Idioms in Rust
Scraping the Web in Golang with Colly and Goquery
MapReduce on Python is better with MRJob and EMR
25 Days of using Golang
2017 in Review
Learning to Like Java
Internship 2017: Zillow
Building GitTrophy
GDQStatus SGDQ 2017: The React Rewrite, Architecture Updates, and Lessons Learned
How to Deploy a Secure Static Site to AWS with S3 and CloudFront
My List of Useful Development Tools and Utilities
Deploying Microservices with Docker
Podcasts for 2017
A Better Way to Wrangle Python Environments
Converting My Unused Desktop into a Home Server
Task Automation with Todoist and IFTTT AGDQ 2017 Post Mortem
Taking on the Synacor Challenge
Turkey and Birthday Cake
Trying My Hand at R
AGDQ 2017 Schedule Analysis
Breaking Up with Wunderlist
The Future of Audio Should be Wireless
Internship 2016
Writing For Its Own Sake
Liquid YAML: Programmatic Data A Postmortem
SGDQ 2016 Schedule Analysis
Username Grab!
Podcast Pileup
Optimizing Personal Websites: An Analysis of the Hackathon Hackers Website List
Wunderschedule and My Productivity Manifesto
(Belated) Hello World!
Running a Factorio Server on DigitalOcean
Why I'm not buying into first generation VR
Custom Python Interpreters
Ex Machina (2015)
Jekyll 'New Post' Script
Looking back on 100 days of Coding Everyday
Is Apple going downhill? (2016)
Watch Later, Offline