One Weird Trick

Or, “How to Beat Three Months of Engineering Effort By Telling Your System To Not Call time.Sleep”. »

Kindle Snippets Viewer

I wrote a little web app to view Kindle Highlights. »

List of Lists of 2022 Predictions

'Tis the season for prognosticating the upcoming year »

2021 in Review

Looking back on 2021 »

My Favorite Books of 2021

The books I read in 2021 that I most enjoyed. »

Branchless Git

Why you may want ditch branches, and use git-branchless»

Using Embedding to Disambiguate Types in Go

Using type embedding to disambiguate semantically different usages of the same type. »

Recently - October 2021

Recent links and books »

Features of Excellent Code Review Tools

Thoughts on the best features of code review tools I’ve used. »

Recently - September 2021

Github Copilot, more Datasette tools, and links from September »

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