Avoid Load-bearing Shell Scripts

Scripts in a system’s critical path often harm stability »

Soft Boredom

‘Soft boredom’ and relaxing impatience »

Mental Models: Slack

A model for the benefits of a time and mental energy buffer »

The Soul of an Old Machine

On retiring my trusty 2014 MacBook Pro »

Scala Pitfall: Parameterless Function Calls and Misplaced vals

Bugs made possible by Scala’s flexibility and terse syntax »

On Prompt Engineering

Thoughts on the development of prompt engineering in the context of the popularity wave of LLMs. »

2022 in Review

2022 in Review »

My Favorite Books of 2022

The books I read in 2022 that I most enjoyed. »

On Personal Predictions

Exercises in egocentric epistemtics »

In Praise of Stacked PRs

Managing sets of small, dependent PRs enables faster review and increased developer velocity »

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