I recently updated my Podcasts page, which I started last year. My tastes have changed a bit, and I think it’s an interesting exercise to have this “living document” of my listening habits.

Last year, I switched around the lineup of podcasts I listened to pretty dramatically. Starting in the Spring, and increasing in the Summer, I listened to a lot of politics podcasts. I’d listen to NPR’s Politics Podcast, The FiveThirtyEight Election Podcast, and Vox’s The Weeds pretty much the moment they showed up in my feed.

Since the election, I’ve cut back on this trend a bit. I don’t listen to as many “newsy” politics podcasts, and try to listen to more evergreen policy podcasts, like The Weeds.

The podcast I’m most into right now is definitely Do By Friday. I can’t really describe why I love this podcast so much, but the eclectic meta-humor of this podcast gets to me every week. I’ve had to stop myself from listening to this in public, because I laugh like a lunatic without fail at least a few times each episode. To frame it though, much of the humor is in a similar vein to “Cards Against Humanity” (it’s Max Temkin’s podcast), so you have to be into that type of humor.

I’ve also really been enjoying Sam Harris’ Waking Up podcast. It’s definitely a bit political, and some of Harris’ views are a bit inflammatory, but it’s an excellent long-form interview podcast with quite brilliant people. Examples of Harris’ guests include Peter Singer, Richard Dawkins, and Garry Kasparov. A bit like listening to a philosophy audiobook with an infusion of contemporary issues.

For other podcast recommendations, check out my Podcasts page. It’s formatted like many others’ reading lists, or “awesome” lists, with an emoji key (because, of course I managed to incorporate emoji into it 😛 ).