25 Days of using Golang

During the month of December, I used the daily Advent of Code puzzles to teach myself Go.


2017 in Review

2017 was an interesting year. Personally and professionally, I found it to be a successful year of growth. Reflecting on this year’s US/global news, my thoughts on 2017 are conflicted. We’ve seen the growth of troubling trends that will likely continue in 2018, and a significant amount of “bad” happened this year. From my own perspective, there were certainly setbacks and some periods of intense stress (thanks, college). I don’t wish to whitewash legitimate (and pressing) concerns, but I wanted to take a moment to reflect on my year with an intentionally positive spin. »

Learning to Like Java

This summer, I worked primarily in Java on a backend service for Zillow’s advertising platform. This service was built on top of Spring Boot, an “opinionated” Java web framework.


Internship 2017: Zillow

This summer, I had the opportunity to do a Software Engineering internship at Zillow. I grew quite a bit as a developer during my time at Zillow, and gained a lot of experiential knowledge in practically applying the technologies that I’ve learned in school and in my side projects.


Building GitTrophy

I’ve been working on a site for the past month that generates 3D models from Github’s contribution graphs.

After a month of work, it’s complete! So, I’m happy to announce GitTrophy. It’s pretty slick: type in a Github user or repo name, and you’ll get a 3D preview of the contribution model. I 3D printed my chart from 2016, and it turned out pretty well.


GDQStatus SGDQ 2017: The React Rewrite, Architecture Updates, and Lessons Learned

This past week was SGDQ 2017, the latest GamesDoneQuick charity speed-run marathon. For the past year, I’ve been managing an unofficial stats page for these events called This is the third event that I’ve hosted this site, and a lot has changed in this iteration.


How to Deploy a Secure Static Site to AWS with S3 and CloudFront

AWS is a great place to host static content: Bandwidth / hosting costs are very cheap if you’re at “hobbyist” scale, you get great availability, and AWS gives you free SSL termination / certificate management for HTTPS if you get everything setup correctly.


My List of Useful Development Tools and Utilities

I recently started my Summer internship at Zillow. Starting at a new company with a new laptop prompted (forced) me to think about the way I have my development tools setup.


Deploying Microservices with Docker

I’ve been using Docker rather heavily over the past few months, and I’ve come to appreciate its utility in working on side projects. I’d been rather hesitant to use Docker in the past - mostly due to the FUD spread around about it not being *web scale*™. However, for small-ish projects and in certain situations, I’ve found it to be a great way to automate environment production and code deployment.


Podcasts for 2017

I recently updated my Podcasts page, which I started last year. My tastes have changed a bit, and I think it’s an interesting exercise to have this “living document” of my listening habits.


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