My Favorite Books of 2020

The books I read in 2020 that I think were most worth reading. »

Thoughts on the Oculus Quest 2

The Oculus Quest 2 feels like something from the future, but ultimately I returned it. »

Recently - November 30

Thanksgiving Pie, Git LFS, Snoqualmie (WA) »

Recently - November 10

Raking leaves, persimmons, and the “waving gorilla” in the dataset »

Goodbye IFTTT

On switching off of IFTTT to self-hosted and on-device automation tools »

Recently - October 25

Anathem, TikTok, and Autumn Cookery. »

Recently - October 5

Recent reading, games, and adding a dark mode to this blog. »

Five iOS 14 Shortcuts Tips

Exploring iOS 14’s new Shortcuts features. »

Escargotic Commotion

The Internet of Snails™ »

Recently - September 9

Hiking, microCOVIDS, ominous smoke »

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